A creature of myth and legend

The dragon is a mythical and legendary monster that is often understood to represent strength, intelligence, and grandeur.

Dragons in Chinese mythology are venerated as benign and fortunate, in contrast to their Western counterparts, who are often linked with chaos and evil.Power is one of the most common meanings linked to the dragon. This is the might of nature and the universe at work, not just human might.

Because of the widespread belief in the dragon’s magical powers, it is common to see it portrayed as master of the elements, whether it be water, rain, or storms.The dragon is associated with agriculture, wealth, and success because of its ties to the weather and water.

The dragon is a representation of knowledge and wisdom as well. A pearl, which symbolizes knowledge, enlightenment, and the spiritual essence, is often shown with its serpentine shape.Heroes in myths and tales often seek the heavenly or divine knowledge of dragons because it beyond earthly comprehension.

In addition to representing strength and knowledge, the dragon also represents prosperity and good fortune.

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