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Texture in photography is the variation in color, depth, and shape of an object’s surface. It’s also often said that texture describes how a surface “feels”. In fact, three-dimensional works may engage the viewer’s senses of both touch and sight. And, the use of texture in photography enhances the depth and interest of an image. By allowing viewers to imagine what might happen, it engages them more deeply. It’s also possible to use texture as a strong component of composition. Touch and sight may especially be effective in three-dimensional works.

Texture & Emotion
Photographers often use the same words to describe textures as they would to describe the emotions they convey. Texture is actually an easy element of photography to explain with emotions. Rugged textures impart rough emotions to photos whereas a softer gentler texture reflects a more gentle mood. That’s why texture is excellent for commercial use to help convey a particular emotion to potential customers.
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A few examples of texture include:

“bumpy” is used to describe a rough texture, (others include bristly, craggy, rocky)

“fuzzy” is used to describe a soft texture,

“slippery” is used to describe a smoother texture.

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Cloud texture

Black and red texture