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The older I get, the harder it is for me to remember the people and events of my past. Sure, I may remember that my four siblings and I vacationed with our grandparents every year in Canada, but I can no longer remember what the hotel we always stayed in looked like or the way my grandpa looked wearing his special vacation hat. What I would give to have pictures that helped me to remember those times.

As I began to have a children of my own, I realized that I didn’t want to forget any of the special moments that each of my kids created. I didn’t want to forget the way my oldest daughter used to stick out her tongue or the way my youngest son used to love wearing his daddy’s baseball caps over his head. Fortunately, I will not have to forget any of the special things that each of my kids do because one of the first purchases I made as a new parent was a nice camera. I cannot afford to not have pictures that capture moments and help me to cherish them as my children get older and life changes. I missed out on too many moments that were perfect for pictures during my own growing up years that I certainly will not repeat that same mistake with my own family.

I love pictures because they are such a simple yet great way to keep a record of events, ceremonies, and the every day moments that make life worth living. I cherish every picture that I take because I know that in some small way I am making a fleeting moment last a little longer. Every time I take more pictures I get excited to develop them and to see how they help to reflect upon and remember moments as life continues to speed by.

I would encourage you, no matter how young or old you are or no matter what stage of life you are in, to get a camera and begin to take pictures. Go crazy taking pictures of the people and places you love most. Your friends and family might get annoyed with your constant desire to make memories, but I guarantee that at some point soon they will thank you for being committed to taking pictures and to preserving great memories.

If the only thing that is stopping you from having great pictures is the expense of purchasing a camera, then allow me to ease your mind. There are a wide variety of one time use or disposable cameras available for just a few dollars. These cameras allow you to take the pictures you still want without having to pay big dollars for a fancy camera.

Don’t let another family event or fun evening with friends pass by without you getting a camera and snapping pictures that can last a lifetime. You and the ones who come behind you will be so thankful that you did.


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